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Parks Victoria Land Management Strategy

Following the declaration of a new Parks Victoria Act in 2018, a small expert and trusted team was mandated to deliver the crucial new tool in the Act – a Land Management Strategy. They required a Strategic Coach to work alongside the team supporting their Executive leadership to ensure the output was strongly evidence-based, pitched at the right governance level, owned by internal and external stakeholders, embedded the objectives and aspirations of Traditional Owner rightsholders, and aligned to other relevant Government initiatives.

What we did

  • Supporting the Executive Sponsor, coached the team on the process to develop a robust Strategy that would deliver on the various requirements and produce a strong legacy for park management in Victoria.

  • Worked with the team to align them to set of working practices and team goals for producing the final Strategy.

  • Acted as a senior governance-level sounding board for the team and leadership.

  • Facilitated team strategy and thematic sessions to advance the content and the ultimate evaluation process.

The Result

The intended major public consultation was paused due to COVID requirements in 2020. Once it is re-started it will result in the first-ever Land Management Strategy for Victoria. To follow the process and review the outputs to date, please click here.


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