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Marine National Facility Evaluation Stream 1

Following the release of a 10-year strategy for the Marine National Facility (aka the Research Vessel (RV) Investigator) to guide the use of Australia’s dedicated blue-water research capabilities to 2030 the team needed a process to embed and evaluate a new stream of Policy-driven research. This was designed for proposals explicitly addressing specific priorities set and reviewed every three years in consultation with key government end users. This requirement was new to the Facility.

What we did

  • Working to support the project lead Scientell we supported the framing of the workshops with end-users and researchers.

  • Created a full end to end evaluation plan for the Marine National Facility (MNF) to implement that evaluated delivery of the objectives of the new stream of research.

The Result

While the final outputs are for the use of the client, and will be assessed over a number of years, for more information on the new approach see Pillar 2 – ‘Broad Access’ in the strategy online.


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