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Delburn Wind Farm - Independent Chair

The Delburn Wind Farm, proposed for a plantation in Gippsland Victoria, has very high levels of community interest. They needed an independent chair who is experienced in technically complex projects, governance and very diverse stakeholders for their Community and Stakeholder Consultative Committee.

What we did

  • Framed, designed and delivered a schedule of meetings, consultation and discussion so that a wide range of voices could be heard, and the technical complexity of the project discussed

  • Worked with the committee’s members to set up governance and management of the Community Benefits Fund.

  • Monthly to bimonthly meetings to promote discussion and understanding among members with diverse opinions.

The result

The Community and Stakeholder Consultative Committee continues through 2021 and details can be found here.


Contact us


+61 (0) 418 393 489


PO Box 46, Fairfield VIC Australia 3078

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